Dwelling on new digital initiatives the AKS University Library Resource Centers cater to the academic interests and research needs of the students and faculty members of the University. There are Three Libraries offering Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Executive Diploma programme in varied branches of human knowledge. Each Institute has a full-fledged Library Resource Centre (LRC).



The Library acts as a key resource and learning center of the University to meet the information needs of more than 7,000 users. It plays a vital role in enhancing the academic and research growth and overall development of the University.

Further, to cater to various information needs of the users, the Library has subscribed to several Institutional Memberships like DELNET (DEVELOPING LIBRARY NETWORK)


AKS University library open 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday to Saturday

"Books are Keys to wisdom’s treasure. Books are gates to land of pleasure. Books are paths to upward lead. Books are Friends, come let us read."

- Emilie Poulsson


Open-access (OA) literature is free, digital, and available to anyone online. An open-access document has limited copyright and licensing restrictions which means anyone, anywhere, with access to the Internet may read, download, copy, and distribute that information. As with any scholarly article traditional or otherwise authors of an open-access article should be properly acknowledged and cited. Here we have come-up with an initiative to provide subject wise links of Open Access materials that will enable easy and quick access for literature search.

Library Rules AKS University

  • Students/users should use the ID card for access.
  • Bags, handbags, parcels, aprons or other receptacles are not allowed inside the library. The library accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal belongings
  • A limited conversation / discussion is permitted only in group study area/ silence should be maintained at all times in other areas and mobile phones should be kept on silent mode.
  • Loss or damage to library books/ material/article on loan to a user should be reported immediately. The user must pay the cost of replacing a lost or seriously damaged book/article; in addition, he/she has to pay the fine.
  • Copyright law should be strictly observed by all library users when making copies of library materials/books
  • Computers are for educational use only. The use of the Internet in the library is for reference work. Accessing unauthorized sites, playing games, chatting etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • Reference Books, Encyclopedias, Hand Books, Dictionaries, Periodicals, Student Project Report, Dissertations, Theses and Back Volumes will not be issued and they are only for reference
  • Members/users/students before leaving the counter must satisfy themselves whether the books, which they intend to borrow, are in good condition and any damage/marking should be immediately reported to the Librarian failing which the user/ members/students to whom the book is to be issued will be held responsible.
  • Members/users/students are advised to return/renew the books on or before due date marked on the book
  • A borrowed book should be returned on the due date, failing which a penalty of Rs.5/- will be collected as overdue charge per day.
  • Loss of books, if any, should be reported to the library immediately in writing and it should be replaced with a new copy of the same along with a levy of overdue charges if any.
  • In case, the borrower is unable to replace the books that are lost, he will be levied a penalty three times of the cost of the book plus overdue charges, if any.
  • Books will not be issued to members/users/students on the ID card of others.
  • Personal books, files and other articles (except a small notebook or loose sheets of papers) are not allowed inside the library. Members/users/students have to deposit their personal belongings at the Property Counter near the entrance.
  • Misbehavior in the library will lead to cancellation of membership and also lead to serious disciplinary action.
  • Membership Cards are not transferable. Books will not be issued to students on the Membership Card of staff members.
  • The Library may accept donation of manuscripts, books, periodicals etc. from the donors. Such donations once accepted will become the absolute property of the University.
  • Books will be issued only for 15 days after 15 days students can reissue only for one time.


Resource (Books & Articles) which are not available in AKS University libraries may be obtained using our Inter-Library Loans Service. This service can be used for getting books and photocopies of journal articles. This service is available to faculty members and also to students of AKS University. For making an ILL Request user has to check the OPAC first to confirm that the resource you want is not available in the library collection.

To make an ILL Request, one is required to fill-up the DELNET ILL Request From, which is available with Library Staff / Click Here to Download Form and forward through the Head of your Department to the Librarian.

The requests usually will be sent to the Developing Library Network (DELNET), New Delhi

BOOK-BANK : AKS University Library provides Book Bank facility to the students of B.TECH ENGINEERING,B.TECH AGRI.MINING,B.SC.AGRI, PHARMACY and ALL DIPLOMA the main aim of this service is to help the needy meritorious students.



Book Requisition Form Click Here
Book Lost Form Click Here
Book Replace Form Click Here


1 The Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences Click Here
2 The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences Click Here
3 Fishery Technology Click Here
4 Cotton Research Journal Click Here
5 Indian Journal of Fisheries Click Here
6 Journal of Soil Salinity and Water Quality Click Here
7 Potato Journal Click Here
8 Indian Farming Click Here
9 Indian Horticulture Click Here
10 Journal of Oilseeds Research Click Here
11 Open Access Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Click Here
12 The Journal of Research ANGRAU Click Here
13 Journal of Agricultural Engineering Click Here
14 Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science Click Here
15 Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy Click Here
16 Annals of Agricultural Research Click Here
17 Journal of Cereal Research Click Here
18 Agropedology Click Here
19 Indian Journal of Hill Farming Click Here
20 Indian Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Research Click Here
21 Mushroom Research Click Here
22 Journal of the Inland Fisheries Society of India Click Here
23 Indian Journal of Horticulture Click Here
24 Indian Journal of Animal Production and Management Click Here
25 The Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding Click Here
26 Annals of Arid Zone Click Here
27 The Journal of Research, PJTSAU Click Here
28 Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition Click Here
29 ORYZA-An International Journal of Rice Click Here
30 Journal of the Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research Click Here
31 Journal of Sugarcane Research Click Here
32 Journal of Farm Sciences Click Here
33 Indian Journal of Plant Protection Click Here
34 Indian Phytopathology Click Here
35 Journal of Agricultural Extension Management Click Here
36 ISVIB Journal Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology Click Here
37 Tobacco Research Click Here
38 Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development Click Here


1 Bulletin of Materials Science Click Here
2 DIALOGUE: Science, Scientists and Society Click Here
3 Indian Academy of Sciences Conference Series Click Here
4 Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy Click Here
5 Journal of Biosciences Click Here
6 Journal of Chemical Sciences Click Here
7 Journal of Earth System Science Click Here
8 Journal of Genetics Click Here
9 Pramana – Journal of Physics Click Here
10 Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences Click Here
11 Resonance – Journal of Science Education Click Here
12 Sadhana Click Here
13 Current Science Click Here


AKS Libraries with an aim to provide easy access to the right information at the right time to all its users offer a package of high quality, user focused services to support the learning & teaching; research and development activities of students, faculty, and staff members.

  • CIRCULATION : AKS University Libraries provides circulation (Issue/Return of Library Materials) facility to its Users. Students can issue library book for certain periods as per rules of respective library of AKS University

  • REFERENCE : Reference Service helps users to make full use of library resources and services. It provides necessary assistance to users in locating information or document of their choice. Users of AKS University refer these reference materials within the premises of the library as reference materials are not loaned to the users.

  • READING FACILITY / REPROGRAPHY :The library provides reading and reprographic facility to the user of AKS University. These are the basic and important service of any kind of library.

  • Reading facility : All libraries of AKS University provides reading facility to the users of AKS University within library premises and also available a separate reading room.

  • Library Membership :All students, faculty members and staffs of the AKS University are members of the library.

  • Library Networks Membership : DELNET,Delhi, National Digital Library, IIT Kharagpur (W.B.)

  • Grammar Checker : Ensure accurate grammar, do spell check, verify punctuation, and rectify numerous grammatical problems. Additionally, there is a complimentary essay checker, a grammar checker, and various other tools available to enhance academic success.

  • Paraphraser : The multilingual paraphrasing tool helps you rewrite and improve the clarity of any sentence, paragraph, or article.

  • Flow : An all-in-one writing space that combines all of QuillBot’s tools in one location with built-in grammar checking, allowing you to paraphrase, summarize, research, create citations, and write your essay without having to shift between tools.

  • Summarizer : QuillBot Summarizer can seamlessly condense content with precision using features like paragraph mode, key point extraction, and the ability to create custom modes for a tailored summarization experience

  • Transalator : QuillBot Translator simplifies cross-language communication, ensuring accuracy and clarity in diverse contexts, making language barriers a thing of the past.

  • AI Detector : Paste your text below to detect AI-generated content like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Google Bard. QuillBot’s free AI detector will flag the text for further inspection and keeps your writing human.

  • Citiation Generator : Describe or evaluate your sources according to APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc., and let Scribbr’s Citation Generator find and fill in all the relevant information automatically.

  • QuilBot University: Register for live webinars, learn methods for enhancing your academic writing and productivity, and leverage tools to improve your writing and research skills.